Lentillères Free District: Occupied Urban Gardens Grow Community ZAD

The Free


Dijon, France – Over a hundred anti-capitalists have created a nine hectare free district with urban gardens and a free market as they prevent development plans from being constructed. The occupiers are seeking to preserve agricultural land and experiment in collective living while demonstrating horizontal forms of community building.

Presenters from the self-managed Quartier Libre des Lentillères, or Free District of Lentillères, spoke at the Athens Polytechnic University in early June 2018, for the second Networks of Resistance-European Local Struggles Conference.

Watch their presentation (~1 hr, 12 mins):

For the 2017 Networks of Resistance conference reports, see Pt. 1 – ZAD, Bure, Hambach Forest & Pt. 2 – Infrastructure; ExarcheiaNet & Cooperativa Integral

Starting with a protest in the center of Dijon, France, in the midst of a chilly day in 2010, about 150 people embarked for an abandoned lot, cleaned it up…

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